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About Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone and Reversing Aging

Testosterone, HGH and the Aging Process - Young people have an abundance of energy due to the high levels of testosterone and human growth hormone during the formative years. As a person ages the level of growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone steadily declines and a person's ability to maintain, repair and heal the body's cells and organs diminishes. With Testosterone and HGH injections, you can restore lost hormone levels and improve the quality of your life.

A Hormone Replacement Therapy program comprised of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone can help you build muscle, burn fat and lose weight, boost your sex drive and sexual frequency, increase you energy and stamina, alleviate hot flashes and night sweats, enhance mental clarity and help you get a better night's rest.

If you live in the Palo Alto, Beverly Hills, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Palo Alto area, visit our Hormone Therapy Clinic that specializes in Male Hormone Therapy and Female Hormone Therapy. We are the Testosterone Replacement and HGH Therapy Experts with over 20 years of experience prescribing the best quality Testosterone Injections and HGH Injections to treat hormone deficiency or imbalance. To learn more about our Testosterone and HGH Specials, fill out the Hormone Therapy Info Request Form or Call us for a Free Consultation at 1-650-248-2190

Why is it that a 25 year-old shows little to no signs of aging, while the signs of aging in a 50 year-old are quite evident?

High Levels of HGH and Testosterone - Up until the age of 30 to 35, most people live their lives with sufficiently high levels of hormones including HGH and Testosterone. In adults, Human Growth Hormone is responsible for regulating other hormones in the body, and for the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs. As hormones decline with age, and in particular the growth hormone, the rate of bodily repair decreases to a point that adequate healing is impaired. Subsequently, the body and mind ages and with hormone loss - the signs of aging, adverse health conditions and disease become more prevalent.

About Human Growth Hormone Therapy and HGH Injections

Testosterone HGH Hormone Replacement for Your Health - By the time you reach the age of 35, your Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone levels are only about 25 percent of your childhood HGH levels. As each additional decade passes, your natural growth hormone levels will will continue to decrease by 15% to 20%. By the age of 40 to 45 your body will no longer produce enough natural Human Growth Hormone to repair all the damage your body experiences. HGH hormone replacement can help restore lost or deficient growth hormone to help foster your body's natural maintenance and repair to slow down and even reverse the aging process.

The fact is that every male over 50 or 55 suffers from a slow, insidious fall in testosterone levels. You don't notice it for a long time until your 'T' levels cross a certain threshold. Then you suddenly find that you lose your enthusiasm, your sex drive and can't maintain muscle mass anymore -- even if you work out. It's even worse if your HGH levels are falling off.

When your testosterone levels are low, you feel tired and lethargic all the time, you don't have an interest in having sex, exercise and physical activity become a chore, you get irritable, moody and depressed. You start to gain weight regardless of exercise or diet, and fat begins to accumulate around you bell (adipose fatty tissue). It is not uncommon to gain 2 pant sizes within a short 6 month time frame. Since testosterone and HGH help properly distribute and burn fat in your body, low levels of testosterone and HGH cause you to lose your figure and get flabby. Sleep problems only make things worse as you lose you ability to focus, stay sharp and competitive.

Find a Hormone Doctor in Palo Alto to Treat Low Testosterone or HGH

Hormone Imbalance & Deficiency. The decline in HGH, Testosterone and other essential hormones contributes to aging. By replenishing the low levels of Testosterone and HGH through low t and growth hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical injections - you can slow and even reverse many of the affects of aging. HGH replacement therapy should begin at about the age of 35 years when levels start to decline, but Testosterone Treatment and HGH Therapy can be especially beneficial when you pass the ages of 35 and certainly when you are well into middle age.

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How HGH Therapy can help Middle Aged Men & Women. - For men and women in their late 40's and 50's, human growth hormone therapy can reverse the adverse affects of aging by 10 to 20 years. HGH Therapy and Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been clinically proven to have a positive impact on health conditions caused by hormonal imbalance and deficiency. For women entering menopause and men entering the male menopause, known as Andropause, HGH replacement can be a very effective treatment for restoring hormonal imbalance and alleviating the symptoms associated with HGH deficiency, Andropause and menopause. Many Endocrinologists, Age Management and Anti-Aging Physicians have been advocating and recommendeding HGH Injections to treat hormonal imbalance in men and women. Thousands of patients have experienced the profound effects of Human Growth Hormone Therapy. Find an HGH Doctor in Palo Alto. Find a Testosterone Doctor in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto Health & Rejuvenation Center has the best HGH Testosterone Therapy Clinics and Doctors available to you in Palo Alto and throughout California. Call LA Health at 1-650-248-2190

Testosterone and HGH Growth Hormone Therapy Can:

Testosterone and HGH Therapy using bio-identical growth hormones and testosterone injections can have positive results when combined with a healthy lifestyle and a comprehensive Growth Hormone Therapy Treatment program supervised by a licensed medical professional. If you live in Palo Alto California, and wish to learn more about HGH replacement, call Palo Alto Health & Rejuvenation HGH Testosterone Clinic, the leading Mayo-Clinic Trained Growth Hormone Treatment Doctors and Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Specialists at 1-650-248-2190

HGH - Is It An Anti-Aging Treatment?

Growth Hormone in and of itself is not an " Anti-Aging Treatment ", but by restoring low levels of HGH back to normal, youthful levels with injectable HGH - a patient can alleviate many age related symptoms caused by hormone deficiency. Some choose to call this a Fountain of Youth therapy, while others simply refer to HGH replacement as sound, evidence based medicine. Clinical trials reflect the following potential health benefits of HGH Therapy:

HGH clinical studies show the positive health effects of a six month hormone injection program consisting of bio-identical Human Growth Hormone Therapy on were an approximate ten to twenty year age reversal resulting in marked improvements to lean muscle and a reduction of adipose fatty tissue.

Recipients of human growth hormone HGH injections and testosterone injections were given low dose/high frequency dosages. The information was compiled from 308 randomly selected self-assessment questionnaires that were completed by 202 patients using bio-identical HGH shots and testosterone shots. Men who injected testosterone felt a boost in sex drive and performance, increased ability to work out, build muscle and burn fat.

Testosterone and HGH Becomes Accepted Forms of Hormone Therapy - As clinical studies increasingly reflect the efficacy of Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone treatment in adult men and women suffering form age related health conditions and endocrine disorders, HGH therapy is becoming a more common part of many Age Management and Anti-Aging Medicine Doctor's treatment protocols. Urologists and Endocrinologists are weighing the risks and benefits of Growth Hormone, especially in light of the fact that natural or bio-identical HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy can be safer and nore effective than traditional chemical, animal derived hormone treatments.

Potential Positive Effects of HGH Therapy & Testosterone Replacement

Positive health benefits of injecting Human Growth Hormone to restore lost deficient HGH levels include the loss of body fat and increase in muscle and muscle tone, reduction of facial wrinkles as well as the improved growth and texture of hair and nails, improved mood and increased enthusiasm for relationships and daily life, marked improvements in sex drive and sexual potency, improved brain, heart and kidney function, vision, immune function and healing, and good cholesterol. Contact Palo Alto Health and Rejuvenation for information about Testosterone Therapy and Human Growth Hormone Therapy.


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