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LA Health & Rejuvenation Medical Team

LA Health & Rejuvanation has a team of experienced and license medical professionals ready to help you regain your youthful vigor:

Dr. George Ibraheim, DO - Medical Director

Dr George IbraheimDr. George Ibraheim, DO is an Allopathic Osteopathic Physician. His specialties include Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease. Dr. George Ibraheim, DO is an internist with years of training treating and diagnosing an extensive range of diseases and illnesses in adult patients. Dr. Ibraheim is trained in EECP Technology and Male Sexual Health issues PRP Certified Physician.

Rose Zegarra, PA-C - Physician Assistant

Rose ZegarraRose Zegarra has 15 years of experience as a Physician Assistant. Her experience includes Primary Care medicine, Endocrinology, and Dermatology. Expert in Sexual Health and administering PowerWave Rose can perform procedures including biopsies, EDC, Suturing. and ID's Rose is Bilingual in Spanish and English.

John Wolf Jr, MD - Medical Advisor

Dr John WolfDr. Wolf obtained his MD from the University of Florida Medical School Dr. Wolf completed the Physician Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine by the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation in 2010. He has over 40 years of experience in the medical field as an internal medicine physician and during the past 9 years he has specialized in the areas of Age Management and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Billy Taylor, MBA, CHC - Clinical Advisor

Dr John WolfAs a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Clinical Advisor, Billy has 4 years of experience helping hundreds of clients with their health, nutrition, and sexual ailments Billy's specialties include behavior and habit changes, science-based nutrition, and workout programs to improve his clients' overall health and well-being; working in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy for a holistic approach to improve his clients' quality of life. Billy is Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help!

We are the leading Medical Provider of Prescription Testosterone, HGH, HCG, Sermorelin and Anti-Aging Treatments in the USA. Our Endocrinologists and Urologists are Cenegenics® and Mayo Clinic® trained and can assist you with TRT and Bio-Identical HRT Programs, Lab Testing, Diagnoses of Hormone Imbalance, Prescriptions, and Buying Testosterone and HGH at the best price online.

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