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Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men & Women

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What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Is it LOW T ? Find out and get treatment.

Low Testosterone Symptoms? Do you have them?

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

Low Testosterone Symptoms in Women

Low T Occurs as Men Age - Many men know that low testosterone symptoms can occur as a man ages but aren't quite sure of the exact symptoms. In middle age, they suddenly jump 2 pant sizes, they lose start to lose their figure as muscles become flabby and fat accumulates quickly around the belly and love handles. They start to have softer erections and lose their morning erections along with a gradual decrease in libido and sexual desire.

One of most prevalent signs of low testosterone is the tiredness and lethargy a man feels. Insomnia becomes frequent and a man may start to feel more irritable, more withdrawn and depressed.

Many men simply ignore these signs and few realize that very effective hormone treatments for Low T levels exist. With Testosterone Replacement (TRT) using injections, creams, gels or patches - a man can restore lost testosterone that is causing symptoms.

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Testosterone Therapy Can Help! Most hormone deficient men who start taking testosterone injections feel a boost in their sexual energy and potency, they are better able to work out, sleep better at night, feel their drive and ambition returning significantly improving their work and love relationships. As Testosterone Therapy progresses, they start to build up muscle, lose weight and feel sharper and more involved in life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. Low Testosterone Treatment for Men

Women & Low Testosterone

Health-conscious women have learned the importance of correcting low hormones and hormone imbalance when dealing with pre-menopause and menopause symptoms and diseases.

However, some women aren't aware of how important a role testosterone plays in their general and sexual health. Testosterone is the hormone of desire for both men and women.

If declining progesterone and estrogen hormones cause symptoms in women, it is likely that declining testosterone levels can also have adverse health consequences. Many women who use testosterone are able to restore and boost lost libido.

Testosterone & Sexual Health

Low Testosterone Symptoms are Associated with:
Low Testosterone can be treated with Testosterone Therapy Injections
  • Low Sex Drive and Impotence in Men - as a man ages, he will have less interest in having sex. Either because his desire is waning or beacuse very soft erections make having sex difficult. As a result, he will have sex less frequently and the sexula relations he has may be less enjoyable. Low testosterone can be devastating to a man's love relationships. For a male experiencing lower testosterone symptoms due to testosterone deficiency, male hormone replacement should be considered.
  • Sexual Frequency Changes - Sex averages 3-4 times a week for the typical man in his twenties. For a middle-aged man in his 50's sex declines to once a week or so, and to one or two times a month in his late seventies.

    Along with low sex drive, impotence or the inablility to have an erection increases with age and corresponds with low testosterone levels. Nearly 10% of males over 50 and 40% of males over 70 have erectile dysfunction problems.

    Major Low Testosterone Symptoms to Look Our For:

  • Fatigue - one of main symptoms of low testosterone is having signifiacntly less energy, constantly feeling tired and run down. Desire to engage in physical activity lessens, and doing almost any physical activity inlcuding workouts takes longer with considerably more effort.
  • If a man is participating in sports, he loses his edge. Recovery time takes longer after working out and because of the general feeling of lethargy, he may stop working out altogether which can result in even poorer health, more fat, lower energy levels and testosterone levels.

  • Loss of Lean Muscle - a male that becomes more sedentary will lose about 10% of his muscle each decade. By the age of 60, a sedentary male will have lost up to 40% of his lean muscle mass.
  • Testosterone assists in metabolism and fat distribution on a man's body. The fat burning capacity of muscle is good compared to fatty tissue - so as muscle is lost, less muscle and calories are used each day by the man's body which adds to the likelihood of gaining weight and fatty tissue.

  • Fat Accumulation and Weight gain - The increase in adipose body fat and body weight tends to accumulate around the man's belly and love handles. Fatty tissue turns testosterone to estrogen through the aromatase enzyme resulting in heavier and obese men having less testosterone and more estrogen in their system.
  • As a male gains fat and weight, he will experience lower testosterone levels feeling very tired and fatigued.

  • Increased Risk of Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures due to Low Testosterone - a man begins to lose bone mass considerably later in life than a woman on the average. By the time a man reaches his late 60's or early 70's, he's likely caught up with the bone loss experienced by a woman of the same age.
  • 30% of all bone fractures happen to men. When men over 75 suffer a hip fracture, 30% will not survive one year, compared to a 9% mortality rate for women. Low testosterone levels in elderly men are a good predictor of poor bone density test scores and bone loss.

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease - more and more clinical studies are supporting the conclusion the healthy testosterone levels are necessary for good heart health and avoiding low testosterone symptoms.
  • As testosterone levels decrease, the following are known to occur:

    1. higher blood pressure levels that can increase heart attack risks
    2. higher cholesterol and triglycerides levels which lead to higher arterial plaque levels
    3. dialation of coronary arteries and other major arteries decreases that increases heart attack risk
    4. increased fibrinogen levels which increases the likelihood of a blood clot blocking a major artery will result in a heart attack

    Low testosterone symptoms can be effectively dealt with by correcting low testosterone and related hormones along with certain lifestyle modifications.

    Studies have shown that men with low testosterone can become frail, lose muscle mass and suffer bone fractures due to osteoporosis. Some data has suggested that testosterone therapy can lead to increases in muscle mass and strength. Researchers also have shown that men who have low testosterone and hormone deficiency may be more likely to experience depression and reduced quality-of-life than men who produce adequate amounts of the hormone.

    Other signs of low testosterone level in men may include decreased sex drive, poor erections by the penis; erectile dysfunction (ED), lowered sperm count and reduced fertility, or increased breast size. Men also may have symptoms similar to those seen during menopause in women – hot flashes, increased irritability, inability to concentrate, and depression. Testosterone therapy can be very useful for men with male hormone deficiency and hormonal imbalance.

    If you are having male hormone deficiency and hormonal imbalance problems then LA Health & Rejuvenation Center can help you in restoring your hormone balance to normal balance and make you feel young, smart and healthy. LA Health & Rejuvenation Male Hormone Replacement Physicians are the leading Testosterone Therapy Experts trained at the Mayo Clinic® and Cleveland Clinic® providing Low Testosterone Treatment.

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